Saturday, September 18, 2010

rAyA oh RaYa !!

selamat hari raya
erm..sdey jep ble its already ends!
hurm..kazen2 pom sume dh blah blek uma msing2..
miss them so strong!kuang3x..
best kowt ble can spending a time wif diowg..
hang-out sme2..laugh together..played together
best gilaa..

bIskut oh bIskut
now we talk about cOokies..this eid there's a lot of cOokies..
dunno why..still ad ag kt dpur uh!(mcm xdep org nk mkn)
so..becoz i'm so generous person..
i'll bring some biskut tk my fren..
to all my fren wait ya!
biskut dtg sox!

anyway..RAYA thn nie bese jep..xbest sgt..tataw npe..
dh la bju RAYA cm ntah pe2..(cun sgt2)
duet RAYA pom..ckit jep dpt..xbest
getting bored wif all these things!

but....becoz of RAYA oh ad la snap photo ckit2..
and i juz put into my blog..hehehe

huhuhu..thats my bro and my lil sist
thats my dad!huhuhu..first dwet rye..

hahaha..bnci pic lil sist taller than me!urghh!!