Wednesday, July 18, 2012

i'm back

wah...seyes...lame gilerr x update blog..almost 6 months..woww!nway, bkn xnk update..cume xtaw nk tulis ape and no idea..saya bukan org sastera..huh!now, i'm back..tadaaa..!!!but sy bkn lg seperti dulu...i;m xde la berubah sgt..maybe dulu saya seorang yg xtaw nk fikir my future..but now saya dh mula fikir about my future...and i know what exactly i want now! happiness!!yeay...

kalau dulu..everyday asyik fikir about problems...sek bek xsmpai nek gilerr..sbb ad org ckp the more you will become paralyze..tkot2..xnk2...muda ag to cure my start involve with positive people around bile rase down..trus jmpe diowg sume ni..and jd semangat balik..wah..luar biasa kn???but sometimes still feel the same way..nevermind lol...jnji hidup mesti happy..enjoy..hooraayy!

so, start from now..i will try to update my blog selalu...huhu..cian kt blog ni..kite xlupe aw..cume pg outstation kjp...huhuhu...actually, byk giler nk one by one okkaayy???huhuhu..yg pertama..jeng2...a few months ago..saya ada jumpe family baru..which is sgt2 waking me up..taw i'm one of the HERBALIFE'S FAMILY..xsangka kn?dlu sgt xsuke benda-benda mcm ni..but now i'm the one of it..apa yang menyebabkan saya sgt suka akn Herbalife's not about a business..but it's about helping people...mmg xdinafikan ramai orang suka tlg cara Herbalife tolong orang sangat lain...sbb kita tolong orang untuk jd!sape xnk sihat kn??itulah yg menyebabkan saya telah jatuh chenta kt Herbalife ini..

anyway, if ade sape2 yg suka tlg org cm saya..jgn malu-malu..segan-segan..feel free to PM me.. 014-5175752...ask me how ok! (^_^)..t kite ley story-morru ag aw..kui3